Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sadly remiss

I have been neglecting my blog duties, and I apologize. I have no real excuse except that I have a two month old.

Hey, I have a two month old! That happened during my little blogging break. We celebrated Jasper's two month birthday by heading to the mall to escape the heat. Jasper was unimpressed. (Really, with his parents, would you expect anything different?)

At two months we seem to be right in line with where we should be in terms of milestones. We have consistent smiles. We have the cooing that is Jasper's first go at language. (We sit and talk to him, and he'll coo/gurgle/grunt back at us. Its awesome.) We have some pretty impressive head control. (The other day I was sitting on the sofa with Jasper resting against my chest. He repeatedly pushed himself up and held up his head so that he could stare at Morgan over the back of the sofa. He loves his dad.) We have a pediatrician appointment tomorrow, so I can report then where he is in terms of weight and growth, but I can tell you his skinny arms and legs are starting to chubby up. Its nothing compared to the 20 pound three month old I saw the other day, but Jasper is definitely losing his skinny baby look.

And, as an apology for the delay in posts, a few pictures. A couple of these are fun because they are essentially repeats of poses in previous pictures.

Compare Jasper at ten weeks to Jasper at four weeks:

And ten weeks compared to one week:

And no comparison photo, but its a cute one:

(Thanks to Tim for these photos.)

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