Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Let's dance.

aka, the Jasper Dodge three-month dance performance:

(I love his look of concentration.)

Jasper celebrated his three month birthday by sleeping in - crucial for his mom since he has refused to let me lay him down for more than a few minutes at a time at night for the last four or five nights. I think he might have outgrown his little sleep nest, so we're going to try setting up the co-sleeper in the next day or two.

After a lazy morning, we took Pace on a hike at Lake Chabot. Pace is going a little stir-crazy, I think. The last two mornings, he has woken me up at four am (mind you, I'm not very deeply asleep, sitting up in bed with Jasper in my arms) by barking and whining in the living room. Not typical Pace behavior. When I take him outside, he wants to play. Sigh. So today's hike, which I guess needs to be a daily thing, was intended to exhaust him. Here's hoping it works. Jasper happily slept through most of the walk in his Ergo, which we have been successfully using for a few weeks now. During our walk, we ran into another Catahoula Leopard dog. This is what we've always suspected Pace of being, but after seeing him next to a confirmed one, I'm now sure.

We topped off the day by hanging out with Sage and Emily and Eli at Lake Temescal. This is the third straight week Emily has invited me to join her and her other mommy friends, but the first time I've actually be able to do so. Eli is about a month older than Jasper, and we were joined by another friend with a five month old, so it was fun seeing the developmental differences. Eli demonstrated rolling over for us, and James showed off his sitting up skills. Jasper just sat and gazed at the other babies with a look of amazement. A good time all around.

Happy birthday, baby boy. You're doing a great job being you.

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