Sunday, September 27, 2009

Its funny because its true.

DNA is a funny thing.

We've been told that Jasper is a little Morgan doppelganger. I agree that Jasper definitely has Morgan's mouth and hands and will probably have his nose.

We've also been told that Jasper looks more like me. He has my coloring certainly, and the shape of his eyes seems similar to mine, right down to the mismatched eyelids. Its looking like his eyes will be blue, but right now they're closer to the dark blue that both his grandmas have, instead of my light blue/gray.

Up until recently, I've just been saying that Jasper looks like Jasper. But the other night I realized... He looks like this guy from The Frighteners:

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  1. Jasper's ears don't stick out like that, but he has the wxpression down.