Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jill and Christian's Big Day

My little sister got married yesterday.

It was a very sweet (and short!) ceremony. My aunt Harriett and uncle Walla officiated. Both Christian's parents walked him down the aisle, and both our parents walked Jill down the aisle. Kensi the chihuahua was their ring bearer. Christian's two sisters read a passage from Tolkien, and I did a reading as well.

Because they planned everything themselves, Jill and Christian managed to throw a party that was very them. The tables were named after family pets (we were at the Pace table, of course). After dinner, they showed a video (inspired by the "Where the Hell is Matt?" video) encapsulating their 13 year relationship into four minutes. Their first dance was to "It's Only Time" (plus lots more Magnetic Fields during dinner). There was a photo booth with props. Instead of the traditional bridal bouquet toss to singles, they did a couples dance, where over the course of the song, the DJ asked couples to leave the dance floor based on the length of their relationship. (Morgan and I got booted in the same round as the bridal couple, when they went from 10 years or more to 15 years or more.) The last couple dancing, who have been together for 41 years, got Jill's bouquet.

And of course, Jasper was a huge hit. He danced more than I did, first with Harriett and then the bridesmaids and my dad and... Well, he was very popular. We weren't sure we'd get him back at the end of night.

Some pictures:

Jill looked gorgeous, of course, and Christian handled being the center of attention very graciously.

Jasper got all dressed up for the occasion.

As did all the grownups.

Making time with Latika, Jill's Maid of Honor:

Another over grandma's shoulder shot:

Exhausted baby, after the celebrations were done:


  1. Wonderful pictures. Thank you. It was worth the wait. The really long wait. Great outfit Jasper. Thank you Kara. I love Jill's dress.

  2. Woh, I didn't realized Christian's sisters passage was from Tolkein! Awesome stuff. :) Do you know what it called or which was tale is it from?

  3. It was from The Two Towers, a conversation between an ent and ent wife. Beautiful, wasn't it?