Thursday, August 27, 2009

Photo Centric Post

I've been lax about posting again, so here are some photos to make up for it.

My birthday was this week, and Morgan got me a gorgeous pair of shoes as a present. Jasper isn't sure what to make of them.

Jasper got a couple packages this week. When the first Amazon box arrived addressed to him, I asked him who's credit card he'd been using. Turns out they were actually presents from Jasper's great aunt Diana.

Diana and family have effectively quadrupled Jasper's library - thank you!

In other baby related news, Jasper has started drooling. A lot. So I broke out some of the bibs he's received from various people, then decided he was so cute I had to take a picture.

I think this bib was from Mardie. Oh, and what a smile, eh?

And one last picture from Tahoe. People seem to like this one, so I thought I'd share.

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  1. Kara, you look awesome. May I request a hard copy?