Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Road Trip Baby

First of all, I have to preface this entry by saying that anyone who is cosleeping needs to consider a king sized bed. No, we don't have one; no, we don't have room for one. But we just spent two nights in a hotel with one, and my god. The first night? Jasper slept for nine hours. Seriously.

Anyway, this weekend we took Jasper down to Southern California for some family time. Our first night out, we stayed with the always gracious Andersons. Aunt Susie got some good cuddle time with the boy, and he got to meet his great uncle Dane and cousins Nick and Becky. And another canine cousin, Stella the Puglet.

The next two nights we stayed in Thousand Oaks so we could visit with Morgan's mom, who was over the moon to get to spend more time with her grandbaby.

She was amazed at how much he has grown and how interactive he is now. And he was very generous with his smiles for her.

We also visited with Morgan's grandparents, so Jasper got to meet his great grandparents and his great aunt Maurine. Grandpa lives in a nursing home, and we arrived a little bit before Grandma and Maurine. Grandpa didn't realize we were coming that day, so the look on his face when we walked into his room was priceless. Somehow we managed to accidentally visit on Grandpa and Grandma's 62nd wedding anniversary. Everyone seemed to think getting to meet this guy was an acceptable anniversary gift. 60th anniversary: diamonds. 62nd anniversary: great grandbaby.

I also dragged Morgan and his mom to the outlet mall in Camarillo so that I could shop for an outfit to wear to Jill's wedding on Saturday. While I cruised Ann Taylor, Morgan and Mary hit Gymboree, and Morgan bought Jasper his first winter coat.

Yes, our son literally has a monkey suit. Much cuteness, yes?

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