Wednesday, April 14, 2010

41 weeks 2 days

is how long I was pregnant. In that time, our froglet went from this

to this

41 weeks and two days is also how long its been since Jasper was born. In that time, he's gone from this

to this

Check him out, hanging out at our local pub with his dad, eating off his own plate and everything. Though I do feel compelled to refer you back to that first photo. His head is still exceptionally large and he still tends to sleep like that, with his head thrown back and his back arched. He's also started crawling, really belly off the floor hands and knees crawling. That seems to have happened overnight between Monday and Tuesday of this week. In fact, I caught him crawling in circles in his co-sleeper in his sleep that night. He's pulling himself up to standing and cruising along whatever he can hold onto. Sometimes this is a person, sometimes its his crib, sometimes its a cat. Right now its a Zappos box. I have new running shoes, but I may never be able to open the box.

Jasper had a check up today to celebrate 41 weeks of being alive. Okay, it was actually his nine month appointment, but 41 weeks is more fun. The verdict? Healthy kid. He's 22 pounds 8.5 ounces (not 25 pounds, as I've been announcing...) which puts him in the 75% percentile for his age. He's 2'4.75" tall (59%) and his head circumference is 18.5" (88%). Continuing to take after his dad there...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fun and games at Grandma's

This is what Jasper does while I'm at work:

Ahoy, baby.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A List

I'm not usually a list maker, but I've recently become a fan of Mighty Girl and her Mighty List. So I made my own life list. I'm declining to call it a bucket list because I think its more about living than dying. Its a silly list, but I've decided that I want Jasper to have parents who have goals and have fun. I want him to believe that life is an adventure and that opportunities for adventures are everywhere.

So, the list:

1. Go scuba diving
2. Try surfing
3. Learn to make good pastries from scratch
4. Break five hours in a marathon
5. Write a novel
6. Publish a novel
7. Finish my degree
8. Take Jasper on a cross county road trip, stopping at road side attractions
9. Grow vegetables
10. Unpack all my boxes
11. Have a porch with a porch swing
12. Swim in that cave pool in Utah
13. Go cross country skiing
14. Eat at Chez Panisse
15. Swim with dolphins
16. Wear a beautiful gown
17. Ride a Vespa
18. Hike the Appalachian Trail
19. Take a dance class
20. Take a trapeze class
21. Learn how to sail
22. Take yearly vacations with Jasper
23. Become a better photographer
24. Ride the Giant Dipper with Jasper
25. Build my dream kitchen
26. Keep chickens
27. Visit a Greek isle; swim in clear blue water.
28. Go back to England and Ireland
29. Visit Alaska
30. Camp on Angel Island
31. Live debt free
32. Do yoga every day for a month
33. Do a zipline through a forest canopy
34. Develop family traditions with Jasper
35. Build a wardrobe that makes me really happy
36. Buy and drink good wine regularly
37. Learn how to pose for photographs
38. Make my yard into someplace we want to spend time
39. Go whitewater rafting
40. Rent a house at the beach for a whole summer
41. Go to museums regularly
42. Own an espresso machine and drink good coffee every day
43. Stay in a castle in Germany with Morgan
44. Vacation on a houseboat
45. Learn silversmithing
46. Go parasailing
47. Treat myself to a spa weekend
48. Go kayaking
49. Attend at least one parade per year
50. Attend at least one street fair per year
51. Take a cake decorating class
52. Learn to mix cocktails
53. Own a vacation home (timeshare?)
54. Declutter my life
55. Visit Prince Edward Island
56. Own a convertible
57. Learn a second language
58. Master one song on an instrument. Any instrument.
59. Own a bookshop/café
60. Ride in a hot air balloon
61. Teach Jasper how to swim
62. Lose 40 pounds
63. Host a movie night in our backyard
64. Own a hybrid or electric car
65. Go rock climbing
66. Go on a cruise
67. Keep bees
68. Find a signature perfume
69. Go to the opera
70. Decide on a signature cocktail
71. Sing karaoke
72. Be able to do five pull ups
73. Complete a triathlon
74. Be friends with Jasper when he’s an adult
75. Have a family portrait taken (not cheesy)
76. Visit all the national parks
77. Sew myself a dress I’m willing to wear out of the house
78. Build a retreat cottage in the backyard
79. Take a train trip in a sleeper car
80. Take a variety of cooking classes
81. Adopt more rescue animals (but not until we have an opening here)
82. Find copies of the Judy Bolton books I read as a kid
83. Take Jasper to Children’s Fairyland
84. Take a campervan vacation
85. Visit New York City
86. Visit Tucson, Arizona
87. Rent a house in snow country one Christmas
88. Fly kites with Jasper
89. Take part in an archeology dig
90. Build a labyrinth in the backyard
91. Dance often with Morgan and Jasper
92. Get a (gearless) cruiser bike and ride it often
93. When Jasper’s in school, play hookie with him at least once a year to play tourist or other silly activity
94. Take the ferry into San Francisco so Jasper can visit dad at work
95. Qualify for Boston
96. Volunteer for a cause I believe in
97. Renew and use my passport – even if its just to go to Canada/Mexico
98. Get my house clean and keep it that way
99. Learn to accept assistance gracefully
100. Get season tickets somewhere (theater-y, not sports)

I'll be crossing items off and updating this list as I go.