Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Well Baby

Jasper had his two month check up today. He's perfect.

Weight: 12 lbs 10.5 oz (61% growth percentile)
Height: 23.5 inches (59% growth percentile)
Head Size: 16.26 inches (72% growth percentile)

He takes after his father.

The pediatrician, who we continue to adore, confirmed that Jasper has a touch of cradle cap, but it isn't severe enough to do anything about it. She also told us we were doing the right thing by giving him saline spray for his occasional congestion, and suggested we use a humidifier at night for it. We have one of those, somewhere... She was also humorously impressed with our fancy cloth diapers.

Jasper also got his first round of vaccinations today. It honestly wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. He screamed up a storm as he was getting the shots, but the tech administering them was super zippy. And then Jasper got to nurse some and everyone knows that makes everything better. He's still sleeping now, but we have to monitor him for a couple days to make sure he doesn't have any reactions.

All together, he's a remarkably adaptable and sweet boy.

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