Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Making Morgan Happy


That's how many pairs of shoes I'm getting rid of after a huge closet purge today. There's a range of styles, from pumps to sandals to boots. The oldest is a pair of tall lace up boots from my senior year of college. Apparently I have sentimental attachment to shoes, because I'm still eying those boots, tempted to pull them out of the to donate pile, even though I'm a full shoe size bigger than I was at 21 (thanks, running and pregnancy). Humorously, I had five pairs of red shoes (six if you count the oxblood Danscos). I'm keeping two.

I also filled up two big black garbage bags with clothes to give away. When I switched over to maternity clothes, I packed up all my non-maternity stuff into three suitcases. I think I filled a donation bag then too. I am now down to just one suitcase of non-maternity clothes that still don't fit me. I managed to be fairly brutal, clearing out the stuff that I hadn't worn in awhile, the stuff I had forgotten I owned. I also tried not to take it too much to heart when practically nothing fit me. Because I've lost and gained some weight over the last few years, I have a range of three sizes in my closet; out of those sizes, exactly one pair of pants fit me. Tops were somewhat more forgiving, but my collection of full skirts let me down. Apparently my waist is now several inches higher than it used to be. My dresses might have fit, but I can't wear them and breastfeed so I didn't even try them on. All around, the closet shopping experience was disappointing.

But. I have to go shopping this weekend for something to wear to Jill's wedding, so hopefully I'll be able to pick up a few things then. Jeans that don't have a belly panel. T-shirts that don't look like tents on me.


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