Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A One Month Birthday Adventure

Today is Jasper's one month birthday. We decided to celebrate by going and visiting Dad at work.

First, we got dressed up in the outfit that Morgan's manager Tasia gave us, waaay back before Jasper was born.

(I refrained from taking a picture of my baby's butt, but the backside of this outfit has another frog prince, with the phrase "Once upon a time..." Also, why are baby socks so freaking cute?!)

Next we bundled up in the blanket Cousin Erin gave us and the hat Aunt Virginia made. Because, after all, San Francisco is colder than the East Bay.

Okay, not that much colder. The hat ended up in the diaper bag pretty quickly. Its in the 70s over here.

We walked down the street to the BART station, and Jasper had his very first public transit experience. It went well; he maintained a slightly alarmed expression for the first part - and a death grip on my finger - but he sacked out before we hit the Transbay Tube. Which is good - I was worried about his little ears. (I thought about taking pictures of him on BART, but decided that would be silly.)

Once we arrived downtown, Jasper got to meet his legions of fans at GGU. All right, more accurately, his legions of fans came and gazed at him... while he slept. It was pretty entertaining to learn that grown ups who are not related to my son are just as content to stare at his sleeping face as I am.

Next, Morgan took us to his regular Starbucks, where the manager shrieked upon seeing Morgan with a stroller. Apparently they know him there or something...

Then Jasper and I headed home, braving unknown liquids on the floors of the BART elevators and even venturing into Safeway for Luna Bars and ice cream. At home, we found a package for Jasper from his great grandma Connie and his great aunt Maurine - which contained, among other things, a pair of booties made by Morgan's great grandmother.

We changed into something cooler, as befits the warmer suburbs,and I tried again to convince Jasper that his cute cloth diapers really do fit him.

I don't think he buys it.

All together, not a bad birthday. And, yes, sweetie, Mommy really does love you.

Okay, a few more gratuitous pictures...

Morgan is master of the baby sling.

and of the kitties...

Our voracious baby trying to eat his mat during tummy time:

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