Monday, July 13, 2009

Two weeks!

Its a little mind boggling to me that Jasper has been in the world for two weeks already. After almost ten months of carrying him, I'm still in awe that we created this little guy.

We had our first pediatrician visit today, which was a bit traumatic for all of us. The doctor was concerned because Jasper hasn't regained his birth weight yet, but since he is gaining and eating like a little glutton, we're not too concerned. The Virgo in me did make up a spreadsheet to track his every meal and diaper change; Morgan has already laughed at me for recording his feedings to the half minute (hey, I have to do something with my running watch, right?). Even if he isn't gaining at the rate the doctor likes (seriously, he's only off by a couple ounces...), I just looked up the average length gain for infants in their first month; apparently the average is 1-1.5 inches in the first month. Jasper was measured at 20 inches on the day he was born, and at 22 inches today. So clearly he's just investing more energy in getting tall than in getting round. And according to my mother, as a baby, I always ranked in the top percentiles for height and the bottom percentiles for weight.

Anyway, to celebrate Jasper's two week birthday, some pictures from the recent grandparents' visits...

Meeting Grandma for the first time:

Meeting Grandpa:

Meeting "Cousin" Kensi:

Our pin-up boy:

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