Thursday, July 9, 2009

Settling In

Its hard to believe we've been home for over a week now. Most of last week was a blur of naps, feedings and visitors. Morgan's mom Mary arrived on Saturday night (tip: never attempt to pick anyone up from the Jack London Square Amtrak station at approximately the same time the Fourth of July fireworks are ending.) and his aunt Susie arrived on Sunday afternoon, so for the next few days, we were fed and cleaned up after, diapers were happily changed, and a huge number of the weeds in the front yard have magically disappeared. And of course, there was lots of staring in awe at Jasper. They both headed home this morning, but we're very grateful for all the help and support they gave us.

Poor Morgan had to go back to work on Tuesday, so we've been attempting to regain something resembling a schedule. Its not working especially well, but we're trying. Jasper has been moderately cooperative, with a few exceptions. We're really incredibly lucky in how mellow he is.

Our cavalcade of guests continues tomorrow, with my dad's arrival. Its actually been really nice having guests and visitors. So if you're wanting to meet our boy and are hesitant, give us a call. More than likely, we're up for guests.

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