Friday, July 17, 2009

Pediatrician, Take 2

We had our second visit with a pediatrician this morning, and it went much better than Monday. As soon as she walked into the exam room, she said "Four ounces in four days! You guys are doing great!" A big difference over Monday's visit.* This doctor was very personable, answered our questions without us feeling like we were being criticized for asking, and provided a lot more information about things in general than anyone previously had. I think we'll keep her.

So Jasper is back at his birth weight, plus .6 ounces, and has miraculously shrunk half an inch since Monday (I thought two inches was a lot to have grown in two weeks). The doctor says we should expect his newly sprouted acne to get worse before it gets better - poor boy; I thought we wouldn't have to deal with that until he was 12 or 13... His fussiness is normal and we just have to roll with it, after making sure he's been fed and burped (fortunately Morgan is proving to be very good at soothing Jasper in a sling); I think we were spoiled our first week home when he was sooooo mellow. But overall we have a healthy baby. Yay us.

* Our new doctor actually apologized for the demeanor of Monday's doctor, explaining that she just comes across that way. Apparently she's a neonatalogist, so if she's used to dealing with preemies or sick babies, it might explaining the brusqueness. Though if I actually had a sick baby, I'm not sure I would want a bedside manner like that...

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