Sunday, July 19, 2009

Odds and ends

Apparently having a baby at home is making it so that I update the blog less frequently. Go figure. Until I have the energy and content for a real post, some bullet points...

  • Multi-vitamins.
    Both pediatricians we saw this week told us we needed to be giving Jasper multi-vitamins. The first doctor sternly told us that we should have known about this already and ordered a script for us. The second doctor explained that what babies really need is vitamin D, since it is not transmitted via breast milk and because babies don't get much direct sunlight. Kind of begrudgingly, we agreed to give J his vitamins... ugh. And we got to witness his first raspberry. Kid doesn't like them. Can't say that I blame him, based on the way they smell. And then there's the toxic yellow color... We mentioned the vitamin order to our neighbor Jess, who works for the Food Bank; she was appalled and had never heard of such a thing. A little research on my part located a study that found a correlation between early vitamin supplementation and food allergies and asthma. Since the boy already has asthma on both sides, I think we're putting the vitamin project on hold. We'll just make sure he gets a little sun exposure on his walks.

  • Lullabies.
    Morgan has taken to singing to Jasper whenever he's trying to sooth him. This isn't surprising in the least. The choice of songs, however, is humorous. I came home from walking the dog the other night to find him singing the Violent Femmes to the boy (as a friend of Morgan's points out, one day Jasper is going to wow his preschool friends with a rousing rendition of Add It Up.*) Other bands that Jasper seems to enjoy are The Magnetic Fields (duh), Judas Priest, Van Halen, and Motley Crue. Personally, I found him to be rather taken with Jesus Christ Superstar. We have to keep his music taste diverse...

    * Please note: Morgan wasn't actually singing this verse to the boy.

  • Sleep.
    Yeah. Well, he sleeps sometimes. We seems to be on a couple day rotation of fussiness, an unwillingness to sleep, and a perpetual desire to nurse, followed marathon sleep sessions, interrupted by periods of waking just long enough to get a meal. One or the other of these is probably a growth spurt; we're just not sure which is which. We have, however, determined that like any good baby, the car seems to put him right to sleep. We've also had limited success with the stroller. Some days it knocks him right out; other days, not so much.

  • Acne.
    Our poor beautiful baby has developed the worse case of baby acne. It doesn't seem to bother him at all, but it makes both of us kind of cringe when we see it. Morgan has become hesitant to take pictures, being convinced that Jasper won't want to see himself looking like this years from now. I don't think it shows that much in photos, and besides, Morgan can also Photoshop it out if he feels that strongly about it... Don't worry, Jasper fans - we won't actually stop taking pictures of him!

  • Baths.
    OMG. Clearly, we are trying to kill our baby. Or at least that's what he seems to think after his first bath. Since his umbilical stump only fell off yesterday, he had previously only experienced sponge baths. He wasn't a fan of those either, but I never heard Jasper scream like he did when we lowered him into the bath water. Oh well, we have a clean baby, and nursing seems to make him forgive all transgressions.

More updates to come.

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