Saturday, August 1, 2009

General Observations

One of my favorite things about Jasper is that when he's hungry, he will throw back his head and shape his mouth into a perfect little "O." I call it his baby bird look. I promise I do not drop worms into my baby's mouth.

I also love the way he sometimes wrings his hands together while he's nursing. He looks like the most anxious baby ever.

At one month of age Jasper has mastered the ultimate pout. His lower lip juts out and his eyes are just the saddest thing ever. If I were a better mother, it would break my heart. But I'm clearly heartless because it makes me laugh.

Which leads us to the many cries of Jasper. There's the general "I'm hungry, I'm fussy" cry. There's the in pain cry, thus far really only witnessed when Jasper does "The Becca" - he grabs a fist full of his own hair and pulls. The harder he pulls, the tighter his grip gets. The tighter the grip, the more he screams. Fun cycle. And then there's the pissed off cry. This generally follows a failed pout and is most frequently heard on the changing table, in a stationary car, and when his food source is not presented in a timely enough manner.

In addition to all the other features that Jasper and Morgan share, they have the same shape hands. And the same shape thumbnail.

Yesterday, we took Jasper on his first four mile stroll in Walnut Creek. He did wonderfully - meaning he slept through the whole thing. He woke up at Starbucks afterward, which led to our first public breastfeeding effort. Which went very well, I'm happy to say.

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  1. I'd like to add the "Hey!" cry, which is quick, sharp, and loud. Sort of like an infant barking sound. I wonder if he picked it up from Pace?