Friday, July 24, 2009

Tummy Time

So one of the important developmental things that They say babies should do is tummy time - basically, you lay the kid face down, and they strengthen their necks by learning to pick up their heads. Jasper's had a few sessions of tummy time, which usually result in him screaming his head off. But, he spends lots of time on his tummy when he lies on me, and he has been able to pick up his head since the day he was born (ridiculously strong baby we have; I'm going to enter him in the circus as the Strong Baby), so I haven't been too concerned. Most of our tummy time has been on the mat of his activity gym on our bed. But today I tried putting him down on the floor.

Pace is definitely this kid's dog. As soon as Jasper was on the floor, Pace was there, standing guard. Herding away the cats. Keeping an eye on me in case I was going to do something inappropriate like leave the baby unattended. Of course, as soon as I pulled out the camera to take a picture of Jasper, Pace practically trampled him as he tried to get past him and to the backdoor. Lesson: if the baby is on the floor, make sure he is not between Pace and his escape route in case of doggy panic attack. (Don't worry, he didn't actually trample Jasper.)

And how did Jasper do during tummy time today? Well, he didn't get his head off the mat much, but! This kid is going to be an early crawler. Or at least an early scooter. He managed to move himself about seven or eight inches across the mat with his powerful baby kicks. All right, I didn't measure it, but he moved from gnawing on the seal nose to gnawing on the third elephant. Epic distances when you aren't even four weeks old. The kid has skills.

And yes, I took pictures, but I haven't uploaded them. Soon, I promise.

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