Friday, August 21, 2009

A week away

Or, Jasper's first family vacation.

We spent the last five days at Fallen Leaf Lake, near South Lake Tahoe. The family of a good friend of Mom's owns a cabin there, and she's being going up there for about fifteen years, but this the first time we made it a family vacation. We had quite the houseful, with Morgan, Jasper, Pace and me, Mom and her two dachshunds, Jill and Christian and their chihuahua and their Jack Russell terrier/doxie mix, Oh, and their lovebird, Voltaire. It was exhausting keeping track of all those critters, but it was a lot of fun.

Jasper got to spend some quality time with his grandma and his aunt, which meant I got to relax some (and read! I actually finished a whole book!). He also got to go on his first hike.

Okay, he slept through his first hike.

Morgan also got to spend some non fussy time with Jasper, who normally is pretty mellow during the day, and then starts getting crabby around four pm, just in time for Morgan to come home from work. But on vacation, Morg got to see the whole range of daily Jasper emotions, which was pretty cool.

Pace also had a blast running around with the little dogs and getting some quality off-leash time. Apparently my dog is exceptionally fond of climbing hills. At the cabin, he seemed like an entirely different dog, eager to take treats when the other dogs were getting them and apparently undisturbed by power tools being used down the road. We confirmed that he has no interest in going swimming (despite his webbed retriever toes), but he did let us take a few pictures of him.

And of course, when we got home, the cats were exceptionally glad to see us.

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