Friday, August 7, 2009

Some firsts

Jasper and I had a couple firsts this week.

He had his first Costco trip, accompanied by his Grandma Janet and Aunt Harriett. As much fun as we had, I think Jasper was entirely unimpressed by the big box warehouse experience.

He and his dad also had their first bottle feeding experiences this week. (We won't talk about the trauma involved in my first breast pumping experience.) Once they got the hang of it, it went very well, and I got to take Pace on a couple nice long walks. However, when I returned last night, I was advised that I needed to pump more. Sigh.

I've taken Jasper on a couple solo trips this week. It sounds silly, but little things like leaving the house during the day have been overwhelming for me. But after last week's BART adventure, my confidence has been way up. Yesterday, we headed up to Berkeley to pick up a used travel swing, and today we went to talk to the nice people at Kaiser's member services about my disability claim (I love Kaiser, incidentally). These have just been little outings, but with each one, I'm more comfortable juggling the car seat and stroller and diaper bag (Jasper even wore cloth diapers out of the house today - a first!).

Tomorrow: another nice long walk and Jasper's first trip to a hair salon. (Yes, he has a lot of hair. No, scissors are not going anywhere near it.)

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