Saturday, August 22, 2009

In praise of cloth diapers

For Jasper's first month, we used disposable diapers, first because of icky meconium poops and then because he was a little too skinny for the cloth diapers we had. But for the last several weeks, he's been rocking the one-size pocket diapers. We made the switch after he had two blowout in two days on things that are a pain in the butt to wash (his carseat and his papasan chair). Since the switch, we've had a few leaks, particularly if Jasper's slept through the night or if the insert wasn't stuffed quite right. But we have not had a single poopsplosion requiring large items to be washed.

We decided to use disposables while we were up in Fallen Leaf because we didn't want to deal with carrying around and washing the cloth diapers. It worked fine, there were no big messes, but Jasper's little tush was starting to look a bit red by time we headed home. It was a relief to get him back into his soft, comfy looking diapers again.

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