Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Work is hard.*

I've been a bit silent in blogland because, well, I've been exhausted so far this week. Turns out working eight hour days, plus commuting 45 minutes each way is very tiring.** Makes me very happy that I was not working when I felt my worst a month or so ago. It will, however, be interesting to see how I feel about it all once I'm further along. And bigger. I've been taking BART to work, which I infinitely prefer over driving. I keep thinking I should take advantage of the disabled seats near the doors... but then I see the elderly woman with the bag full of vegetables from Chinatown, and I haul my sorry pregnant butt out of the seat. I'll give it another couple months before I stop giving up my seat.

The job is going well; its not exactly what I expected so far, though that might change as I become more familiar with the work process. I really like my direct supervisor, and everyone I work with seems very nice. We shall see...

And a baby update. We're into week 16! We've apparently reached avocado sized - about 4.5 inches (clearly not a Florida avocado!). Scalp patterning has started to form, even though there won't won't be any hair on the head yet. There is, however, fine downy hair all over the rest of the wee one's body, which will all fall off before birth. Nature is weird. Baby's heart is pumping about 25 quarts of blood a day; this will increase as baby develops. Go baby!

* I therefore apologize for any potential incoherence or randomness in this post.

** Morgan calls this the pregnancy Rube-Goldberg machine: Last night, I was sitting on the sofa with my laptop and Isobel. Izzy had a massive sneezing fit (damn feline herpes), so I leaned forward to grab a tissue to wipe her snotty little face. Laptop tipped forward, hitting me in the head. I quickly put laptop on the coffee table; knocked over bottle of juice. Juice is now running all over table (though mercifully missing the computer). Morgan kindly waited until I stopped crying to burst out laughing.


  1. Last night I was watching "In the Womb.. Dogs".. and I was thinking about you. Clearly your not having a puppy but it was interesting all the same. But yes.. I agree that nature is weird. That was my point of my comment. ;p

  2. Morgan and I have discussed the fact that we'll probably end up raising the kid in a manner not unsimilar to how we raise the pets. Pace thinks he's a cat. Maybe the baby will thing it is too. ;-)