Friday, January 9, 2009


I've packed up all my non-maternity clothes; from here on out, its all maternity clothes all the time. Except for my yoga pants. Love my yoga pants. I feel like I'm huge these days, but I'm guessing I'm not, really. The two women at work who are not my supervisors had no idea I was pregnant until I told them. But... today I popped the button on my jeans. Sigh. The first item of maternity clothes I bought, optimistically early on. They were too big for me when I bought them, and today, I popped the damn button. Oh well.

This has been an interesting week. I have been sleep deprived, stressed about the fact that my new job really isn't what it billed to be during the two interviews I had, and cranky in general.** But this afternoon, I had an epiphany.** The job doesn't have to be perfect. If I can keep my sanity in this very nutty environment, I'll be fine. Even if I only end up sticking it out until the junebug arrives, I'll be fine. In this economy, there's no way I can walk away from a job this well paying, especially since, honestly? for the work I've done this week, I'm overpaid. I guess that's to make up for the loss of my sanity... Anyway, what I realized is, holy crap! I'm having a baby. I need to keep my little nest egg (thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Sandler!) tucked away so that come June, I can stay home and bond with the bug. So there.

Okay, random, semi-incoherent rant over.

When I got home tonight, Pax was desperate for love, and since he has the biggest motor in the house, I let him climb in my lap and lean against my belly. I wonder how that purr sounded to the baby? I hope its as comforting to it as it is to me.

Seventeen weeks! I actually had to go and double check where my bookmark was in my pregnancy week by week book. Really? Seventeen weeks? This week, the bug is going to be about the size of my hand with the fingers spread out (yes, I just did that and stared at my hand in wonder) (wait: my hand, or the average woman's hand? I have small hands). Baby is also starting to grow itself some baby fat this week - good timing, considering how cold its been. Oh! and the baby weighs as much as a turnip this week. Huh. Also, its cartilage-y bones are hardening up (the better to kick me with). The big thing people start talking about in these few weeks is feeling the baby. I've felt a few things in the last week or so that might have been baby. Or it might have been gas.*** Dunno. But one night earlier this week, I was laying on my back (big no-no starting last week, according to all my books) and felt the tiniest thing, like a feather-brush, just inside from my right hipbone. I think that was the bug. It was cool.

* Or, who the hell puts non-grommeted buttons on maternity jeans? From now on, only the sexy panel pants for me.

** I'm sorry, Morgan.

*** Morgan finds this the most hilarious sentiment ever. Thfft.

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