Tuesday, January 13, 2009


(or Kara reveals her true hippie nature)

I went to my first pre-natal yoga class tonight. First off, how much do I love Kaiser for offering such a wondrously crunchy class? The instructor specializes in Hatha yoga, which was the first type of yoga I studied, back when I was 22 and taking classes in the gym behind the library in Bernal Heights. Its not the power yoga that has gotten super popular in the last ten years; instead it focuses on breathing and gentle stretching and chanting and meditation. I've taken classes in a few other disciples, but this is the one I always come back to. Turns out, when I set aside my snarky, cynical self, I enjoy the funny breathing and the chanting and the "watching the colors inside my eyelids" during the meditation (as a particularly uptight former coworker I once took a yoga class with called it). It must be left over from my time in the cult...

I was the least pregnant person there by about a month, so I got to ogle lots of bellies and marvel at how different everyone looked. It was pretty cool. A lot of the poses were modified to make room for bellies. Like with many things, I'm in a funny in between place; I could done the traditional poses... but the modified poses were awfully comfy. I have five more classes, and then I can sign up again if I want. I'm torn between doing the class again, or taking an "Aquathenics" class through parks and rec. I suppose I could do both... or alternate.

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