Thursday, January 29, 2009

Perfectly Perfect

I realized this afternoon, as I was en route to Kaiser Hayward, that I went to either Kaiser Union City or Hayward three days this week: yoga in Union City on Tuesday night; my OB in Hayward yesterday morning; and another ultrasound appointment in Hayward this evening. No wonder I'm tired. But, apart from the next three weeks of yoga, I have no more appointments until March now. Yay. Though it will be a long to go without hearing our little frog*'s heartbeat.

My appointments this week were pretty uneventful. My blood pressure continues to be normal, despite not being able to have my daily smoothies and despite some icky stress related to the job. My doctor continues to tell me that everything is perfect. I think if I were a different type of patient, I would be very frustrated with him, as he's soo laid back. But he understands that I do a lot of research on my own and when I have a question, I can generally find out the answer. I'll tell him that the question occurred to me, and I'll tell him what I learned, and he'll agree. I think he kind of gets a kick out of what a non-patient I am. But according to him, the ultrasounds were fine, nothing to worry about. When I go back in March, we'll talk about the sugar test to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes.

I let Morgan skip the ultrasound appointment today since it was during the day and he already got to see all the baby's bits. Today's tech kind of looked like this guy, but was nice enough. The boy was semi cooperative; we got some good shots of his spine, but his head was apparently dead under my belly button, which is a "black hole" of ultrasound imaging (and for the record: belly button full of ultrasound gel? Just as gross as you might think). In case anyone was wondering, he's still a boy; I left with yet another picture of his tiny boy parts, illustrated with an arrow and the word "BOY!" (You know those naked baby bathtub pictures that parents allegedly bring out to embarrass their kids on prom night or whatever? We're starting our collection early.) The tech showed me the view from the top of his head, and I could clearly see his ears sticking out from the sides of his head; I am now convinced that the bug will have Dodge ears. His spine was also blocking his heart, so the tech asked me if I wanted to go for a walk and do some jumping jacks to try and get the boy to move, or if I wanted to come back another time. I opted for the walk, and added some orange juice to the mix to sugar the kid up (I'm going to be such a good mom). Apparently that worked, because the tech took a few more pictures and sent me on my way.

We received a wonderful package from Morgan's mom this week. Cute little jungle themed onesies (although apparently onesie is a trademarked name... like Kleenex), and a t-shirt, and froggy bath gear, and a rattle that the cats are absolutely fascinated by. We also got a little green jumpsuit with a frog prince on the butt ("Once upon a time...") for the boy from Morgan's manager Tasia (who also gave us the "Froggy's Day with Dad" book for Christmas). I continue to be awed by how excited and generous everyone is regarding this little boy. Already, he is surrounded by love. Thank you.

* We've changed our minds about telling people what our name choices are. Here it is...


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  1. Wonderful post :) Please, please name him Frog.

    I have something I'd like to give you guys when I get back up there. Would you and Morgan like to get some dinner somewhere on Thurs or Fri?