Tuesday, June 23, 2009

While we're waiting...

A few photos of baby stuff, proving that we really are, more or less, ready for this little bug to arrive already!

As previously mentioned, the froglet will be sharing his room with a lot of guitars and CDs, at least for a while. But we do have somewhere for us to sit and rock him, somewhere for him to sit and rock himself, and someplace to change him (changing table is in the forefront there; its piled with stuff right now to prevent the cats from claiming it before his arrival).

The (mostly) catproof crib.

And a peek at the goodies in the crib. Obviously these will all be displaced once the bug gets here, but for now, its cute...

And, since Randi asked, a picture of me at 40 weeks plus 2 days. Proving conclusively that there is in fact a point at which black ceases to be slimming.

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