Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not a poser

This morning was the ultrasound to measure our gigantic baby. After Monday's adventure getting to the hospital during morning rush hour, I made Morgan leave early. Of course, I failed to take into account the fact that we could use the carpool lane, so we got there way early and sat around reading fitness magazines ("Sleek abs in just four weeks!" - Give me a week, and I'll be thrilled with what I get.). The ultrasound only took about 15 minutes, and the tech was able to confirm the froglet is head down, with his spine against my left side. In other words, the perfect birthing position. Good baby. My doctor wasn't convinced the tech would be able to tell me the approximate weight during my appointment, but I asked anyway: 8 pounds, 11 ounces, plus/minus 16 ounces. Sooo... anywhere from between 7.5 pounds to 9.5 pounds. That's precise.

Regardless, the weight combined with the position makes me feel much better about the likelihood of a success natural birth. Obviously, I still have to see what my doctor says on Monday, and who knows what will happen if/when I go into labor. But I feel better.

We also got some cute glimpses of our little boy's face. Unfortunately, none of them were printable because he had a fist pressed against his forehead the whole time (wonder if he had Mommy's headache?), but we could see his tiny little fingers curled up against his face, and his mouth was opening and closing throughout the whole thing, making him look like a toothless little old man gumming away at his food.

Now my only real concern with getting through the next week or two is my head. After making it through my whole pregnancy with only one migraine, I've had two this week. Both hit me at around 6pm, after productive but not overwhelmingly busy days. I'm not sure what to chalk them up to, but I have a few theories. My first thought was just that the froglet was done and wanted out and our hormones are now clashing. Then it occurred to me that I've been pretty anxious about the whole weight/position/possible c-section thing, and maybe now that I have a little more information, I can relax. After that it occurred to me (and I kind of think this is the most likely) that every weekday for the last five months, I have had a grande decaf white mocha for breakfast. Those decaf espresso shots have a lot less caffeine than a standard shot, but there is some. This week, being home, I've been drinking juice or herbal tea for breakfast. On Monday, when the migraine hit, I had Morgan pick me up a regular coke; last night when the migraine started, I had a small cup of coffee (and boy did the bug enjoy that...). In both cases, the aura died down after about an hour long nap, and while the headache portion lingered, it was mostly gone by the next day. Tomorrow? I'm starting my day with a damn mocha.

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  1. Yup, listen to your body. If you need the damn mocha, drink it!