Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer approaches

One of the things I'd been dreading about the end of the pregnancy was the beginning of summer. My due date is Saturday, which is technically the day before the first day of summer. But for the last few years, its seemed like the warm weather has been starting earlier and earlier, with hot days beginning in April or so. (Of course, hot days are a relative concept - living in San Leandro now, a hot day is one where it gets to about 80, whereas when we lived in Concord, it was more like 95+. Of course, we had air conditioning when we lived in Concord...) But I'm considering myself incredibly lucky in that its been a pretty mild spring, with some downright unseasonable cold snaps and even - unheard of in Northern California - rain in May and early June.

But... yesterday and today are giving me a little taste of summer. I don't think it actually got above 75 yesterday, but that was enough for me. I headed over to my friend Amanda's house (even though she is in Southern California at the moment) and plopped myself in her pool for half an hour. Her unheated pool. Unheated pools make very little sense in this area - I can't imagine its really warm enough for most normal people to enjoy them more than a couple times a year. But, a nine-month pregnant woman who is overheated and can't seem to regulate her temperature is not normal. It was heaven. My feet and ankles are actually almost their normal size, and my fingers had some feeling return to them for a while (ultimately more uncomfortable, alas, since the feeling is now leaving again. I really want my hands back.).

And last night was another Concord dinner, only I was very bad and actually had some smoked turkey - lunch meat is one of those big no-nos during pregnancy. It was tasty, but I was okay having skipped it during previous pregnant Concord dinners. I also had a very small glass of dry Riesling; that was worthwhile. I told Morgan it was our official break the rules, I'm done with being pregnant celebration dinner. He cruelly pointed out that I'm not actually done yet. Mean. Just mean.