Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why are froglets tired?

Actual search term used to find my blog. I love Google Analytics.

The froglet is tired because he is growing at a prodigious rate. He's up to about two pounds this week! His spine is also getting stronger, he's starting to "breathe," and he is napping on and off all day. (This is one of my pet peeves - my books tell me this about week 26 - but what was he doing before this? Staying awake all the time like a little tweaker? Sleeping all the time? Hovering in a state of partial consciousness? Its very strange.) I'm also getting to feel just how squirmy he is, as he gradually runs out of room. When I first started feeling him, it was usually just when I was lying on my back. Not its pretty consistent throughout the day, which is nice, especially when I'm having a bad day. I remember, "Ah yes, this is what's important."

And why is the froglet's mother tired? A crazy busy weekend which included no less than five social events, three of them with people I haven't seen in a while. Great fun, but exhausting. And in the middle of all that, Morgan and I took a quick trip to Alameda to pick up a used baby swing. I'm very excited about this. Its this one, except we paid $45.00 for it. Its the first major baby item we've purchased, and it makes me very happy.

What else? I've mostly solved the nighttime carpal tunnel issues by wearing a pair of wrist braces to bed. I started some time last week, and have woken up once or twice with numb hands, but that's a step up from multiple times every night. Apparently this affects about 28% of pregnant women - yet, everyone I've talked to about it is absolutely baffled. I'm getting all the fun pregnancy symptoms - nosebleeds, numb hands... I shouldn't complain, though. This pregnancy is going amazingly smoothly, for which I am very grateful.


  1. Yayy, Kara. I'm glad you are figuring out how to deal with that. Not a pleasant feeling, I'm sure.
    Love the swing. Glad you got it. And you will be glad too! Becca loved her swing.

  2. What a cute swing! I think buying things for the baby would be one of my favorite things about having kids...just like I love buying Kensi little t-shirts, even though I know he'll hate them.

  3. I've actually resisted buying stuff so far, just to keep it under control... but I guess its time to start stocking up... eek. Here's hoping the froglet is a swing boy - I guess some kids just don't like them.

  4. Nice swing! My brother and sister in law have the same one.. also used and Asher loved it, while he fit in it.