Friday, March 13, 2009

Lucky Day

Friday the 13th always makes me think of my friend Lauren. Lauren, despite some pretty compelling negative personal connotations with the day, decided to reclaim Friday the 13th as a day of creativity and creation. (Google it if you want a history lesson on the significance of both Friday - named after the goddess Freya/Frigga - and the number 13 to pre-Christian cultures.) I distinctly remember sitting on the floor of Lauren's living room about 11 years ago, having a craft night to celebrate the 13th. So it is particularly fitting that I received a package from Lauren this week. I'd been keeping an eye out for it for a few weeks, since Lauren told me a while ago she was putting something in the mail for me, so I think its particularly fortunate that, despite a mixup on the mailing label with our address (I might have inverted numbers when giving Lauren our address - oops!), the post office still managed to get the package to my door. See? Good luck.

The package was a hand crocheted baby blanket, in blue, green and white. The card attached explained that her mother had a tradition of always crocheting a blanket for new babies, and that Lauren was carrying on that tradition. Lauren and I haven't lived in the same city in about 10 years, and our communications have been pretty spotty until recently (thanks, Facebook!), so I am honored/ awed/ grateful that she felt the froglet and I were worthy of this tradition. Lauren's mom Ronni was one of the funniest, warmest people I have ever met; when Lauren told me that she knew Ronni would have wanted to make a blanket for me, so it make Lauren happy to do it, well, I cried.

Yep, another sappy post. (Nice contrast from my mean mom post though, right?) Since I've become pregnant, I have been amazed at the generosity that people have poured out for me and Morgan and our bean. I know I haven't mentioned all the gifts we've received here, nor have I mentioned the sweet phone calls and emails and Facebook messages I've gotten from people ranging from family to life long friends to friends I haven't seen since high school. But I am so grateful for the outpouring of love/ support/ advice/ blankets/ towels/ toys/ t-shirts/ everything that we're continuing to receive that, honestly, I'm a little speechless at times. Thank you, everyone.

Happy Friday the 13th. Go out and create something amazing today.

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