Sunday, March 1, 2009


For the first time, I feel really tired of being pregnant. Last night, I fell asleep on the sofa watching a movie (Perfume: Story of a Murderer - I can't really offer an opinion on it since I only caught bits and pieces of it, but those bits and pieces were very confusing). I woke up repeatedly because I was cold and wanted to reach for a blanket on the other part of the sofa, and because I had to pee, and because my hips hurt. But sitting up, and getting up from the sofa, was too difficult to consider. When I finally went to bed, it was more of the same - I couldn't get comfortable, and I knew that no matter how quickly I fell asleep, I'd still be up a couple times during the night to go to the bathroom.

This morning I spent some time cleaning the kitchen, and then tried to hang a painting that had fallen off the wall a while ago. Hanging anything in our house is cumbersome; we have very old plaster walls that crumble if you try to place nails in them, so we have to use the picture rail molding that lines the top of the walls. This particular painting is the bottom corner of a quadtych, so not only does it has to hang by wires from the ceiling, it also has to line up with the canvases next to and above it. I'm not entirely sure how I managed to hang it perfectly last year, but today I was clearly not up to it. After I had a complete meltdown when I realized my wires were about two inches too short, Morgan kindly came and helped me down off the chair I was balanced on and put me to bed for a little while. We decided that the painting would go unhung for a while longer.

I'm a few weeks from my third trimester, and by all accounts things just get harder then. I guess I'm just getting a taste of it this week. But last night (during one of the longest uninterrupted stretches of sleep I can remember - four hours!) I dreamed that our boy was here already. It was all wrong; I was totally unprepared. I had to go places, but didn't have the carseat set up yet (in real life, we don't have a carseat yet). And once I got it out of the box and into the car, a friend on mine from high school (who I haven't seen since in 16 years) told me that I had strapped him in all wrong. My dreams have kind of been all over the place during my pregnancy, but this one was distressing and reminded me that no matter how tired I might be of being pregnant, I have a ways to go. Its a good thing. Even if I am tired.

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