Friday, March 27, 2009


Yesterday was bookended by therapy appointments for my aching hands. In the morning, I had a physical therapy appointment at Kaiser. I knew that multiple PT appointments wouldn't really serve a purpose, and the therapist agreed. Since my carpal tunnel is pregnancy induced, the only cure is giving birth. I just wanted some tips on coping with flare-ups as they occurred, and some exercizes to try and prevent them. Which I got. Neat.

In the evening, I had an appointment with our friend Kathleen for a massage. Morgan and Kathleen worked together when Morgan and I first met, and when she left HR and started her massage therapy career, Morgan helped design her logo and build her original website. She repaid with him massages for both of us. I still think I won in that situation...

Anyway, Kathleen specializes in prenatal massage now, so I've been angling for an appointment for a while. Morgan came with me to the appointment, to see Kathleen and to drive me home, since I hate driving at night. I thought. Once there, he mentioned that he would like for Kathleen to show him some techniques that he could try at home to help with my hands and back. After checking with me, Kathleen invited him to actually help her with the massage, showing him particular spots that have been or would be bothering me and how to address them. So basically I ended up getting a four-handed massage. Best thing ever. My back actually feels slightly bruised this morning because of all the knots they unearthed and released, and I think I have slightly more mobility in my wrists than I have for a while. I rate the massage much higher than the physical therapy.

Kathleen also teaches infant massage classes, which we will definitely be taking, and her husband Bill teaches baby sign language classes (based on ASL, Virginia!) which we're also looking into. All and all, a wonderful friend to have as a resource right about now!

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