Thursday, October 29, 2009


I can't believe its been over a week since my last post. Well, actually, I can; we've been pretty busy. But! Since today is Jasper's four month birthday, let's start things off with the requisite birthday photo.

The froglet would like to wish everyone a very happy Halloween.

As I mentioned previously, Jasper and I flew to Richmond, Virginia this past weekend for Dad and Paige's wedding. It was a very brief trip, but a nice chance to hang out with the Fortunas and to meet Paige's family. Everyone was very impressed with Jasper. He was especially taken with his cousin Margaret, and she was equally taken with him.

We also got to lounge around our cushy hotel room and take advantage of having a king size bed for just the two of us:

Who doesn't love sleeping baby pictures?

The wedding was on Saturday night, and even though it poured (it was supposed to be an outdoor ceremony followed by an indoor reception), everyone rolled with it and it really was a lovely evening. Unfortunately, I remembered halfway through the evening that I had made a point of giving Jasper a mellow day when Jill got married so that he would be a happy baby all night. Instead of a mellow day, Jasper ran all over Richmond with us, eating barbecue and visiting train stations. As a result, he was a little fussy, but we had lots of volunteers to hold him and walk with him, so I actually got to do things like, you know, eat... Special thanks to Diana and to Betsy, who at one point turned David away when he wanted to hold Jasper.

Speaking of eating, our little boy got his own spot at the table:

After that one, I more or less failed to take any more photos. But this wedding photographer seemed just as enamored with Jasper as Jill's photographer*, so hopefully he got some good shots of our boy.

Thanks, Dad and Paige for making us so much a part of the evening. And I'm sorry Jasper started crying during your vows. It was his way of voicing his support, really.

Jill and Christian were brave enough to fly back east with me and Jasper, and they were absolutely invaluable in keeping the kid - and his gear - wrangled. Christian even requested to hold Jasper a few times - Jill has photographic evidence, but I don't know that it will ever see the light of day.

The day after we returned from Richmond, I started some contract work for my uncle Tim, so have had a series of partial days of work, which means that Jasper has had a series of days with Grandma. Everything seems to be going well, but its phenomenally weird being apart from him. We're so lucky we have family close by who are willing and able to take care of Jasper. (Sappiness alert!) I honestly feel like the last year has been series of strokes of luck or blessings or what have yous that has made our life with Jasper possible. I am incredibly fortunate.

Okay, enough with the sappy.

* While we're on a wedding and photo kick, here are a few photos taken by Jill and Christian's amazing photographer:

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