Monday, October 19, 2009

On a jet plane

Jasper survived his first plane trip - more than survived; he was a total trooper. We flew up to Portland on Friday so that Jasper could spend some time with his Grandpa Dodge. On both flights, the crew oohed and aahed over him and passengers close to us commented on how well behaved he was. He got a little fussy on the flight home, but overall I think it bodes well for later this week, when Jasper and I fly to Virginia with Jill and Christian.

Morgan's dad was thrilled to meet Jasper. He verified that Jasper is in fact a Dodge by testing the strength of Jasper's grip and requested a five-page report on Jasper's thoughts on life at four and half months (we couldn't convince him that Jasper is in fact three and a half months old). We think he'll be waiting a while for the report, but grandfather and grandson seemed happy to meet each other.

We also ventured down to Salem to visit with Morgan's great uncle and aunt. Bob is a professional photographer and sent us a few shots after our visit:

Those with a keen eye might notice the Jasper's hair has gone a bit nutty. He's started losing his hair along his temples, while the top continues to grow and be ridiculously fly away. Morgan says he looks like he's suffering from radiation poisoning (too many post-apocalyptic video games), but I think he looks like a little mini Donald Trump. Poor baby.

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