Thursday, October 8, 2009

In less sappy news...

I was supposed to return to work today. Up until last Friday, I was working towards this. I was pumping milk daily to build up a stash. I was coordinating with my mom how we would handle her getting here to take care of Jasper. I was trying very hard to figure out how to make the two pairs of pants that fit work for a business wardrobe.

And then I talked to my boss. It turns out they've had a dip in their business and that the three or four contracts I was working on prior to maternity leave ended and weren't renewed. Bottom line: no work for me, not even enough for the part time schedule I had proposed. In theory, they hope to have enough work for me in a month or so. While that might pan out, I'm reviewing my resume and starting to send out applications. I'm contemplating pursuing some freelance work instead of seeking out traditional employment; I've shied away from it in the past because I wanted the security that comes with the employer-employer relationship. But having been laid off twice in the last twelve months, I have to question that theory...

The upshot of this is of course that I get to spend more time with Jasper. Which makes everything better.

On that note, some pictures.

Jasper has a new friend named Sophie.

Sometimes Sophie inspires Jasper to do his Popeye impersonation, but mostly she just makes him happy.

Also, apparently our child is secretly a gnome.

The hat was a gift from Morgan's very generous friend Eliza. Presumably its common for the English to dress their children like small woodland creatures.

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