Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week 23

We're still in the growing phase of pregnancy; there's not much more going on right now. Well,the pancreas is functional this week; that's important. I'm also feel movements more consistently now, so the bug is definitely active. Symptoms for me? My hands are consistently going numb when I sleep now. This is annoying and makes hitting snooze on my alarm clock very difficult. I've also had leg cramps almost every night this week - and I've been eating my bananas! Sigh. Guess I should look at upping my magnesium supplements.

Apparently, the froglet can hear most of what's going on around him now. This will mean that come his birth day, my voice and Morgan's voice will be the most familiar things to him. (Presumably the clattering of laptop keys will also be pretty normal, too.) One of the things we've been worried about is whether we should try and untrain Pace from barking when people open the front gate or knock on the front door, because we want baby to be able to sleep uninterrupted. But it occurred to me recently that he will be pretty used to the sound of Pace barking already. Which is good because "protecting" us seems to bring Pace some measure of pleasure, and I don't mind people knowing we have a BIG dog. Now we just need to figure out how to get Pace used to the sounds of a baby.

Yesterday, I got my first belly pat. It was from someone I know, so it wasn't completely shocking, but it was startling. Guess I'm on display now. I also got my first "cute belly" comment. Funny.

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