Friday, February 6, 2009

Things that made me happy today.

Apple fritters for breakfast.

The quality of light on my drive home through the Oakland hills. It was raining and the sun was setting and cutting through under the clouds, making it bright and orange and surreal. It reminded me of the light during middle-of-the-afternoon thunderstorms in Florida.

Chloe's purr as she rolls around with a pink iridescent mouse in her mouth.

Salt and pepper prawns from Little Namking for dinner.

Pace barking at the rain.

The smell of rain and earth on our evening walk.

Tonight's fortune cookie fortune: "Your lucky number for the week is the number two." Because, as Morgan pointed out, there's two of me (in me?) right now. So my lucky number for the next 19 (or so) weeks is the number two.

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