Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Last night was partner night at my prenatal yoga class. The instructor invited participants to bring their partner, spouse, whathaveyou. Morgan was a very good sport about twisting himself into ridiculous positions and sitting crosslegged for too long whilst chanting, despite his poor spasming back. He also tolerated the little lecture on how important it is to support me; maybe some other partners, spouses, whathaveyous need to be lectured by a complete stranger on these things (as might be deduced by the fact that out of ten people in my class, only five partners showed up), but Morgan doesn't. He's been amazing these last five months. Even if he does laugh at me when I make goofy noises getting in and out of the car. Even I have to admit its funny.

We also got to sit through a video of several water births; I kind of knew about this part, but didn't share with Morgan. That might have been a little mean. It was pretty amazing, and confirmed my thought that I want to aim for a natural birth. Maybe not in a tub though, given my feelings about bathtubs... But the coolest part? Morgan leaned over mid-video and whispered, "I'm beginning to think marathon training is the best thing you ever could have done to prepare for this."


  1. I thought down dog was the coolest part. Shows what I know.