Saturday, February 7, 2009

Week 21

When I run marathons, I consider the second half to be negative miles. After mile thirteen, I keep reminding myself that I'm just repeating or undoing what I've already done. I got this from my friend Mardie, and I think the logic stems from the long out and back courses we do during training. We would turn around at the halfway point, and after that, each mile would be something we'd already done.

This feels completely different.

I had a remarkably sappy moment today. Morgan and I actually cleaned the house this afternoon(!). After spending 20 minutes brushing the living room rugs with a dog brush to remove most of the pet hair (trust me, this is the best method we've found. It might explain why we only have two rugs in our entire house though...), I flopped onto my back on the floor to try and ease the back spasms. Morgan had music playing and I found myself singing along to Bridge Over Troubled Water while feeling the tiniest kicks bouncing just inside my bellybutton. And yeah, almost started crying.

So again, no huge developmental gains this week, just more growing growing growing. The froglet has started swallowing; he gets some of his nutrients this way, and its also a means to get his digestive system ready for real food after birth. He's also supposedly opening his eyes now - meaning his eyelids (and lashes) are formed now. The books and newsletters all indicate that I should be regularly feeling kicks etc now, and that the kicks might be felt from the outside. Since I'm barely feeling kicks, I'm a bit off from anyone feeling them on the outside. Soon.

What else? My hands and my feet have started swelling some. Last night, after having an exceptionally salty lunch and dinner, I woke up a couple time with tingly hands. Uncomfortable, but apparently normal, according to Dr. Google. We have no exciting upcoming doctor appointments, no more big tests. Just growing growing growing. That's plenty for now, I think.

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