Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I've always hated those baby boy's first haircuts - the ones that take them from sweet baby to sullen looking toddler. I love the kids I know whose parents have just let their hair grow. Clearly, I am revealing my hippie roots.

But. On Saturday, when Morgan and I were getting our hair cut, Susan offered to trim Jasper's hair a little to even it out. Jasper was born with a full head of hairs, and the top has continued growing. But the sides and the back have fallen out, giving him a patchy look. Morgan calls it his fallout look. Morgan plays too many post-apocalyptic video games. But I don't suppose I'm any kinder when I call him our Donald Trump baby. Or comb-over baby.

Anyway, Susan did a lovely job, snipping off just the ends (without snipping our very squirmy baby) and he looks much better as a result. Because this was entirely unplanned, Jasper's first haircut was entirely undocumented. But I can provide the following photo of evidence of how distinguished our boy can be.

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