Saturday, May 2, 2009


Appropriately, it rained for the shower.

This afternoon, I spent a couple hours surrounded by amazing women. It was a funny combination of family, friends I've had since high school and college, people I've worked with, people I've run marathons with and people I've coached to run marathons. Lu, the best hostess ever, kindly refrained any cruel games involving measuring my belly or pinning bows on me, and instead gave me a wonderful memory of people gathered to celebrate the arrival of our froglet. We now have more baby clothes than I could previously imagine, lots of bottles, soft fuzzy things for the baby to love, handmade hats and sweaters and booties, blankets, a boppy, a diaper bag, baby music that doesn't suck (TMBG!), a car seat and matching stroller, and, of course, a teddy bear hand-crocheted by my mom. I now feel ready to have a baby. Between all this and the crib that my mom and aunts and uncles gave us last week, we could almost bring the bug home tomorrow and be fine. Well, except for that part where I want his brain to grow a little bit more.

Many many thanks to everyone who has been and continues to be wonderful and supportive. Its so important to me knowing that the froglet has such a wonderful community to be born into.

Incidentally, the Vermeer image above? Is the card my mom gave me today. She's had a print of this painting hanging in her house for my entire life; it was given to her when she was pregnant with me. I need to find a little frame and keep it somewhere special.

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