Wednesday, April 15, 2009

30.5 Weeks

Due to my excessive weekend activity, my weekly update is a bit askew again. But there's not much going on right now. The froglet is squirming like mad these days. According to my books, he's about 17 inches long and around three pounds. Since he'll only be getting a few inches longer in the next ten weeks (only 10 weeks!), he'll be growing out more than up from now on.

I'm finding that some of the tiredness from my first trimester is returning - or maybe I've just been doing too much. Morgan uses every opportunity to repeat my doctor's advice about needing to slow down. Very funny. But I did take today off to go to the doctor and to rest. It was a routine appointment - the baby is where he is supposed to be and his heart still sounds like a washing machine - and only took about half an hour. But I still took the entire day off for it; someone pointed out recently that I should be using the pregnancy card way more at work than I currently do.

There's not much else going on right now. We start our childbirth prep class this weekend, which should be interesting. We're also going to see the Ting Tings tonight; I'm assuming I will be the most pregnant audience member there and am really hoping to score one of the few seats at the Fillmore...

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  1. You are definitely entitled to use that "with child" card whenever the opportunity arises and there are plenty of opportunities if you use your imagination.....Go for it!