Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baby's First Book* **

Yesterday was my family's holiday gathering/gift exchange, and there amongst the other presents was one labeled for the Junebug, from Aunt Harriett and Uncle Tim. Since our kid will be raised with an appropriate understanding of snark, I think that a Steve Martin and Roz Chast alphabet book is the perfect starting point. Thanks, Hatt & Tim!

* In the interest of full disclosure, I have kind of been collecting children's books for years. Six or seven years ago I picked up the Edgar Eager box set - I loved these books when I was a kid. My stepmom turned me on the them when I was seven or eight, and I checked them out of the library repeatedly. I think I read them out loud to my college roommate at one point. I also picked up the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle collection at a yard sale a while back, and a few years ago, Morgan brought home most of his grandparents' collection of children's books. Some of these are kind of dated, but there are gems like the complete L. Frank Baum, Louisa May Alcott, Lewis Carroll...

Here's hoping the kid doesn't hate books...

** I'm a bad blogger. Morgan pointed out that this is the second book lucky baby has received; the first was from Morgan's manager Tasia and is called "Froggy's Day with Dad." It should be immediately apparent to anyone who knows Morgan why this is the perfect gift; Morg said it almost made him cry when he flipped through it. The back of the book has a list of the dozens of Froggy books out there; I think I see a very froggy future for our kid. Sorry for the lapse, Morgan and Tasia.


  1. Kara, Hi, I'm Mardie's sister, I remember you!... and very exciting about Junebug! Just wanted to express some Edgar Eager solidarity! Loved Half Magic and Knight's Castle and well, all of them except wasn't so crazy about Well Wishers...(not magic-y enough as I recall)...started re-reading them about 5 years ago! Junebug is lucky to have such discerning parents!

  2. Hey Kathy, I remember you too. ;-) And I agree about The Well Wishers... though was that the one with the Little House on the Prairie chapter? I liked that part....