Monday, November 10, 2008

Telling the moms.

We planned to tell our mothers about the pregnancy as soon as we had the first ultrasound, but since my mom was on vacation, we waited until she got back (Morgan actually asked if she had her cell phone with her. Probably, but I'm not sure how the reception is in Greece...)

We knew they would both be thrilled, and they were. According to Morgan, his mom's voice went up an octave when he told her. She also called back later to make sure she hadn't dreamed it. My mom had been up for almost 24 hours when I told her, so I was kind of expecting her to call back for verification too.

In week 8, the baby reaches the size of a gummy bear or a kidney bean. This week, the kid has webbed fingers and toes and has almost lost its tail. Go, evolution...

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