Monday, November 17, 2008

More ultrasounds

Week 9 - we went in for our first official OB appointment today, and got another chance to see the baby.

Everything continues to look good for the pregnancy, and we have a due date of June 20, 2009. This week, the kid is the size of a grape or a cocktail olive (the kind filled with blue cheese and marinated in vermouth).* Most of the organs are accounted for, though they will still be evolving a little bit over the next few weeks. Sadly, the tail is gone.

Since we've had two successful ultrasounds, we decided to start telling the rest of the family. Virginia is planning knitting projects, David is shopping for Chinese baby clothes, and Harriett laughed hysterically for a minute straight after I told her. Walla was looking at a baby picture of me when I told him, and immediately called mom to celebrate. Morgan's grandma and aunt Maurine are planning the baby quilt, and his grandpa wants input on what name we choose. I think everyone is happy for us.

* Please note, our child is not filled with blue cheese and marinated in vermouth.

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