Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some stuff

I'm apparently a really bad blogger. Here we celebrated Jasper's 21 month birthday on Tuesday, and nary an update.

So, some random things about that awesome kid.

In the last month, he has grown over an inch. In one month!! Weedlet.

Morrissey is currently his favorite thing in the world. As soon as he spots Mo, he runs after him shouting "Mo! Mo!" Poor cat.

BART rides have become a little hit or miss. Either he'll be delightful and charming, flirting his head off, or he'll start a series of ear piercing shrieks that sound a little like a coach's whistle, causing people to plug their ears and switch cars.

He drives every - stuff animals, cheddar goldfish, tupperware lids - like a train. "Choo choo!"

He doesn't want me to read to him anymore. He'll hold the book and he'll turn the pages, thankyouverymuchmamamama.

He's picking up words like crazy right now. (Gotta start watching your mouth, mamamama.)

He maybe identifies a little too much with the dog:

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