Saturday, June 5, 2010


Jasper has started giving hugs. If we ask him for a hug, he will crawl over, pull himself up to standing, and wrap his arms around us (or at least as far as they will go). If Morgan or I are holding him, he will extend his arms to the other of us and lean forward to give hugs.

He's also started hugging the cats.

Okay, hug might not be the word. Really, Jasper has started lying on the cats. He crawls over, puts both hands on the cat's side, and then rests his face on the cat. He started this yesterday afternoon, and has been doing it anytime a cat will let him close enough (this means its mostly been Pax who's lucky enough to get the love).*

Pax loves it.

*Of course this is all closely moderated and we never let the cats alone with Jasper.

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