Thursday, December 3, 2009


Me, not Jasper. I should have posted his five month status update on Sunday. Which was his five month birthday. In apology, I give you his official five month portrait:

Yep, we have us a couch potato.

Jasper is doing wonderfully, reaching all his milestones, etc. He's grabbing at everything, and anything he gets hold of goes into his mouth. He's done some unassisted sitting using his arm to tripod himself; he's still very wobbly, but getting there. He went on a little bit of a sleep strike this week, both skipping naps and refusing to sleep at night. Last night was better and as you can see below, naps are back, so hopefully we're done with that. He started to shout for the sheer thrill of it, and scared the bejeesus out of Isobel last night with an especially ear piercing shriek. He's become quite interested in all the pets and tries to "pet" them (petting involves grabbing fistfuls of their fur, and then trying to get his mouth on them). He's exceptionally involved in everything around him; he likes to watch us eat and then makes chewing movements with his little toothless mouth. All around, he remains a sweet happy boy. I think we'll keep him.

(The power of the swing cannot be denied; it can even lull the fussiest boys to sleee...)

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