Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Baby's First Rock Show

If this kid either loves or hates loud music, this will be why.*

S/he was only about four days old, and we weren't sure actually existed yet, but the My Bloody Valentine reunion show at the Concourse Center made us worry about the possible baby trying very hard to grow and get itself implanted - there were serious vibrations and feedback. I could see the water vibrating in my water bottle; I could feel the vibrations in my teeth. What on earth was this doing to a possible baby in my uterus? Luckily, our little rock star made it through the night.**

* If the kid is completely indifferent to shoe-gazey discordant untuned feedback, its because it takes after its mother.

** The rock star's mom, however did not - I ended up sitting against the wall people watching while Morgan stayed up front to watch the band.

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